About Me

This website was inspired by my thirst for sports adventures, self-improvement, and a quest for a better life. Somewhere on the road, I decided to share my experience and search for other souls driven by the same force. Sport is fun and the easiest way to stay fit and healthy! Active people are happier with the life they have and have proven to achieve their goals more easily.

Hopefully, through my personal stories and those of other successful individuals, I will manage to inspire more men and women to take the uneasy but beneficial road of exercising. There are so many ways to train our bodies and minds and so many positives resulting from this simple effort. For me, I have found my safe haven long ago and aim to help other people find themselves through practising sports!

What Drives Me Forward

I am a sports enthusiast, just like many other people around the world. I live and breathe exercise in my free time instead of wasting my time on the couch. The power core that forces me every day was not bought or taken from somewhere but forged in the flames of relentless training that takes me every day to new challenges and goals to achieve. But I am no professional athlete, just inspired by the idea of well-being!

I like to feel the energy going through my body from the first second after waking up to the last before falling asleep. I carry the success of my sports achievements everywhere in my personal and professional life. Running, swimming, cycling, and everything else I exercise have taught me to be a better person, more persistent and more confident. Undoubtedly, valuable life lessons, which are sometimes learned the hard way. Well, doing sports is not easy, you know, it’s just more fun!

Articles Focused on Sports and Well-Being

On this website, every enthusiast will find plenty of articles on various sports topics, including running, fitness, swimming, team sports, hiking, climbing, and many others. I will try to show you the beauty of training in general and that everyone can find a suitable discipline according to its needs, preferences, and capabilities. No matter how you work out, it’s important never to stop!

Here are some other types of articles you can find ad discuss on this website:

  • Health-related blogs with a focus on sports that can help you heal an injury or disease
  • Interviews with professional athletes and famous sports enthusiasts
  • Report posts showing the benefits of particular exercises
  • Articles about specific sports and how they can improve your personality
  • Scientifically backed studies on the benefits of an active lifestyle
  • Wrap-up stories of famous athletes and what they have achieved in their careers
  • and many other topics suggested by you!

Data Sources

Although I write from my heart, sometimes I need to use different resources to prove my point or that my statement is actually backed by various research institutes. I often use the information published in reputable media, like The Guardian and The New York Times, to strengthen my statement. But no matter where I browse for facts and additional information, you can rest assured that all data is double-checked.

I never use unauthorised or shady sources just to find myself in favour. You can trust the statistical data that can be found in some articles up to the respective year of publishing. In any case, the purpose of this website is to inspire other people to exercise and live better. If there is anything else I can do to improve the quality of this platform, feel free to let me know!