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Fitness Classes

Our Aim is to provide a safe, effective, motivating and enjoyable group exercise session making provision for all abilities, fitness levels, ages and experience.


Within Profiles Plus group fitness programmes we have a commitment to "Freestyle Choreography".

"Freestyle Choreography" allows us to design class content to create totally unique classes where the emphasis can be placed on the participant, making sure that you get the best from every class.

Our instructors encourage feedback allowing them to constantly evaluate the class, keeping it fresh and innovative.

Take the stress and strain out of exercising and have fun in the water.

Metafit   Tone and hone your body using a variety of exercises and equipment.

Work the whole body with non combat boxing style circuit and pad work. Great for all levels of fitness and anyone who wishes to release some stress.

Burn calories fast with this high intensity fat burning workout. It will challenge your heart, lungs, legs and, well, everything!

Fit in 30
Short on time and enthusiasm, let our fitness team motivate you in this gym based class.

A routine of exercises that focuses on alignment, posture, deep core strength and balance. It stretches, strengthens and encourages mobility whilst embracing the mind/body philosophy of all over wellbeing.

Prime Movers
A range of classes designed for you in the 'Prime' of your life. Lower intensity to help you get the best from your body in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

A highly motivational and intense indoor cycling class, which improves cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Great for burning calories.

TNT  Tighten and Tone your body, in this class no part of you will get left out

The Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorieburning, dance fitness-party. Feel the music and let loose

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